Welcome to Chelmsford Boy Scout Troop 81's 2015 Wreath sale!

Please consider supporting our troop's yearly scouting activities, such as camping, hiking, canoeing, and providing camperships to Brownsea, NYLT, and Camp Wahtutca.

Our sale ends on November 4th! 

Check out option A! Two 16" wreaths for $19.00!

We have four ways to order:

  1. Contact fundraising@friendsoftroop81.org and ask for a scout to help complete your order.
  2. If you know a Troop 81 scout, please reach out to them.
  3. To order wreaths, please use the form below. Please complete, and email to fundraising@friendsoftroop81.org. We will have a scout come by to pick up a check for the order.
  4. If you would like to order a wreath(s) to be shipped anywhere in the Unites States, please go to our store site at: http://store.3rwc.com/friends-of-troop-81

We will deliver ordered items on November 21st or 22nd. If you ordered an item direct shipped from Three Rivers Wreath and Plant Company, you will need to specify a shipment date: Option dates are the weeks of November 23rd, November 30th, or December 3rd. Direct ship delivery will be handled by Three Rivers Wreath and Plant Company, however if you elect to have Troop 81 deliver your order, (Chelmsford only) shipping is free!

Friends of Troop 81 is a 501c3 organization that directly supports Chelmsford MA Boy Scout Troop 81. All purchases are tax exempt. Should you wish a donation confirmation, please email president@friendsoftroop81.org .

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