Welcome to the the Friends of Boy Scout Troop 81 Chelmsford's Fundraising Page!

Help support the Merrimack Valley Food Bank!

Troop 81 is collecting donations to buy frozen turkeys. We are donating them on our volunteer day, Tuesday, November 11th, 2014. Last year we had a goal of 50 turkeys , and we ended up with 64! Let's try to surpass last year's total!

We are collecting $18.00 a turkey. It was $16.00 last year. At this time we are uncertain as to the price per pound, as we are still sourcing the turkeys. Last year we were able to get turkeys for .59 a pound. A spot check this year had wholesale prices around $1.36 a pound. We expect the price to drop quite a bit between now and 11/11. Each turkey will weigh between 12-14 pounds.

Thank you for your donation to our worthy cause!
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