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Friends of Boy Scout Troop 81

2015 Fundraiser



This year we are introducing a new fundraiser to help offset the costs of the troop expenses.  These expenses include such things as purchasing merit badges, troop supplies, as well as supplementing troop trips, camping and events.  The funds also assist supporting our scouts for their Eagle

Ceremony, the highest award a Boy Scout can earn


To help the Friends of Troop 81 support our scouts, we are selling

CASH CALENDARS. For those that are not familiar with cash calendars, each purchased calendar is entered into draws for cash prizes each day for one month. Even if you win a prize one day, your name still goes back into the draws for the subsequent days



  1. Cash calendars sell for $20.00 each
  2. To purchase a calendar, you must be at least 18 years of age. Please ensure that your family or friends are not writing down the name of a under age child
  3. Our cash calendars will be for the month of February 2015
  4. One winning ticket will be selected each day in the month of February, 20151.
  5. All cash winnings will be determined by the amount of money indicated on each day of the calendar
  6. All winners will be paid in a timely fashion
  7. Each information sheet must be filled out accurately at the time of donation, and winnings will be administered by an authorized representative of the organization
  8. This fundraising project is in no way related with the lottery of any state
  9. Donations are made and random prizes are selected using an impartial selection of an information sheet

If interested please contact Lisa Puffer,

Fundraising Chairperson for Friends of Troop 81 at lpuffer4@gmail.com
Welcome to Chelmsford Massachusetts Friends of Troop 81 Website! Our group participates in fundraising to benefit Boy Scout Troop 81's scouting activities. We are a non-profit (501c3 pending). We are not affiliated in any way with the Boy Scouts, Yankee Clipper Council, or the West Wind district. To see more about the Troop we support, feel free to visit http://www.bsatroop81.org.
Thank you for your donation to our worthy cause!
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